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Extinction Ditty   -collage on poster board.

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"I like to think that I’ve helped to bring sexy back to the accordion."

- Weird Al Yankovic, who’s among those interviewed in the latest L.A. Times Great Read, on the once-unhip accordion’s rising stature among musical instruments (via latimes)

(via latimes)

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Just dancing with a robot polka penguin and his robot accordion playing buddy…
#skullbunnies #penguin #accordion #robots #art #painting #watercolor

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Sheet Music Sunday: Song of Storms


Running behind… running behind. I’ll get the recording up tomorrow.

This transcription presented me with a few dilemmas as I kept swapping between time signatures (3/4? 6/8?) and tempos. Anyway, here’s the score. A very straightforward one – but feel free to repeat ad infininatum instead of ending after two loops as I’ve done here.


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Protect the Pirate from the Rain! on Flickr.

It’s Anything Can Happen Thursday!

This adorable child had brought her umbrella along from the parasol stand and was playing with the pirates, making sure they each got some time under the shade. I’m not sure how many photos I’ll be able to publicly share until I get photo permission from her family, But for now, enjoy this little gem of magic.

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- Moustache

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