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A possum with an accordion lol (@ stillmonkeys)

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Atonal Apocalypse
This is my parody/tribute to Albrecht Dürer and his “Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse”, in which I’ve replaced the weapons with an accordion, banjo, bagpipes and cowbell. You can see other changes, too, if you take a look…


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Accordions Save Lives

Please read this incredible article about one Jewish woman’s story on how her accordion saved her life in WWII, and the phenomenal restoration by my own instructor’s mentor, Dale Wise.

Though I’m just getting into it, this is why accordions totally have my heart. It’s an instrument unlike any other, that’s more than just the music, but about story. You may find guitars and drum sets in pawn shops, but rarely does a person give up their accordion because of the history it caries with it. This is an incredible story that ties both of my deepest passions into something that is more incredible than fiction. This is also why I want to continue my training in accordion repair. You’re not just fixing an instrument, you’re fixing memories

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An accordionist in Krakow, taken by my friend.

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Votanikos fest

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Joe Cooley (button accordion), Jack Cooley (bodhrán), and Des Mulkere (banjo) play a reel - The Wise Maid.

Recorded on 29 November 1973 at Lahiff’s Bar, Peterswell, Co. Galway, Ireland.

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A lil raccoon playin an accordion 

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Underdog by billeguerriero on Flickr.

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Lynched - Cold Old Fire

Title track from the 2014 album

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