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Joe Cooley (button accordion), Jack Cooley (bodhrán), and Des Mulkere (banjo) play a reel - The Wise Maid.

Recorded on 29 November 1973 at Lahiff’s Bar, Peterswell, Co. Galway, Ireland.

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A lil raccoon playin an accordion 

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New prints in the shop. Go see.
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Underdog by billeguerriero on Flickr.

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Lynched - Cold Old Fire

Title track from the 2014 album

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Sharing another video of Alexander Hrustevich’s accordion playing, because this one is also amazing, and has pieces that I like way more than Vivaldi.  Brahms!

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Bob & Hank at Schnitzel Platz

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Against Me! - High Pressure Low (Live acoustic bootleg)

I could listen to acoustic Against Me! with accordions all day.

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