Chamber Concerto for accordion and chamber ensemble, Tristan Keuris.

1. Poco maestoso - 00:00
2. Agitato assai, leggiero - 02:51
3. Molto tranquillo - 05:32
4. Poco andante, comodo - 07:56
5. Molto vivo - 10:19

Miny Dekkers, accordion
Orchestra: Netherlands Radio Chamber Philharmonic
Conductor: Micha Hamel

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Accordion Club of Renton picnic at Liberty Park in Renton, Washington on August 22, 1936.
Al Fabre (dad) center back row. Uncle Pete Delaurenti (front).

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The Dread Crew of Oddwood - Taking the Hobbits to Isengard

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Just in case you needed cheering up, have a video of the sexiest accordionist in the world.

selfcallednowhere must like this

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Nothing but the best.

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A little pre-show accordion played by Pasha of Gogol Bordello. This video reminds me that my main question when it comes to this instrument is always HOW? HOW HOW HOW HOW. HOW? I’m none the wiser after this.

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